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YouTube monetization updates in 2018 – Improve your AdSense Earnings – IncomeTogether

YouTube monetization updates in 2018

I have been doing some reading up on Google’s new approach to YouTube monetization, and as we all know its been a hard year for them in what seems a life time ago now (2017) with multiple issues affecting their community and advertising.

As we all know Google are a big hit wonder when it comes to “advertising and Ad’s”

So yes of cause they have released statements on how they are going to prevent and protect you and I from inappropriate content on YouTube, but how are they going to do I ask, and I guess you will ask the same?

Well their first of 3 new guild lines are,

1 – They are implementing stricter criteria’s for monetization, what does this mean to us?

Well broken down this is what it means, they are going to change their process that decides which channel can and can not run Ads on YouTube, in the past they state channels had reached a whopping 10K worth of views to be accepted into the YouTube partner program (YPP) so now instead of basing it only on views they want to add a few more criteria’s into the mix, channel size, creator behaviour, audience and engagement, all of these will now be the judge to see if you are eligible for Ads.

Starting soon if not already, new channels will require the following, 1k subscribers & 4k hours of watch time (in the last 12 months)

The new rules will take affect at the beginning on the 20th February this year, so we need to get going.

2 – 2nd new rule but not the last, they are going to implement a “manual review of Google preferred” yes a manual review!

What does this mean for us?

In the past Google preferred only offered us the most popular, but now they are going chang it to now included the most vetted content.

They have stated from mid February, the new layout will include the manual review and that Ads will only run on video’s that have been checked and confirmed to meet their ad guidelines.

3 – 3rd but is it the last new change? We will see in the future.

They are giving their new look a greater transparency and “simpler” controls over where the ads appear – what does this mean?

YES we what it simpler and easy to control, they are looking at introducing a new tier system that will give you time to reflect your view of the placement for the brand, while getting a better view of potential trade offers, they have also started work with a trusted vendor that provides them with a third party brand safety report with Youtube.

This is currently still in its infant stage but they are hoping to launch the beta very soon.

I will keep you all in the loop as things progress.

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