Questions & Answers

1. How can I join IncomeTogether?
You just have to register here free of charge to become a member. Enjoy & learn from our Make Money Online social network community and later if you feel like you can become our premium client.

2. What will I benefit from IncomeTogether?
You will receive 15% of the earnings made using our program for almost absolutely no efforts/cost from you and we can help you to apply for a new Google Adsense account if you don’t have one.

3. Is your traffic real?
Yes, our traffic comes from trusted sources and there are no fake or bot clicks.

4. Will my account get banned by Google?
Although we are complying with Google AdSense ads policy, the risk of getting the account banned is always there and it is with every account. Google can ban an account without any other warning.

5. Can the revenue share be negotiated?
We can consider increasing the percentage in the future after you have signed up, after some conditions are met.

6. What type of website do you create?
We create a niche website. We either create a new or use an existing one.

7. How many accounts can I sign up with?
You can sign up at first with one account and then you can signup also with other accounts, but with different unique entity because according to Google AdSense terms one individual can have only one Google AdSense account. But you will be able to signup using family members or friends. You can also contact us and we will explain you more about this.

8. How long is the contract valid?
It depends on how long you wish to continue. Whenever you wish to terminate the contract, you just have to inform us and we will stop the
promotion immediately.

9. How can I refer my friends?
By joining our affiliate program.