What will I benefit from Income Together?

After joining our program, you receive 15% share from the earnings made. And this is for absolutely no efforts/investment from you. Also, all the earnings from your own website(s) are 100% yours.

We build website, purchase traffic packages, maintain and optimize, completely at our expense. You do not pay for this. You only pay for our services which is the remaining 85%.

You will notice the growth in your AdSense revenue within a few months of starting.

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HitPosted on  6:09 am - Dec 28, 2018

how to define my site earning like if your program make $200 and my site make $100 so total amount is $300. so how can i define like calculation …should i pay $300 of 85% or $200 of 85%..?

adminPosted on  5:37 pm - May 14, 2019

No, your site’s earnings are yours alone. You don’t have to pay us anything of that. You will pay us 85% from our site’s earnings. So, in your example, you pay only 85% from $200 (our site earnings).

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