IncomeTogether’s referral program

Here at IncomeTogether, we offer you the opportunity to become an affiliate and the chance to be part of a bigger team, by entering into our referral program.

By joining our program, and spreading the word of what we do and how we do it, you can start earning more all by just sharing your own experiences.

What you will get out of this program.

Joining our affiliate program is easy.

Step One– Register for our program and log into your account here.

Step Two- Find your individual Invitation Link (My account => My Profile => Your invitation link).

Step Three- Use your Invitation Link URL (by copy and paste) to send it to friends, colleagues and existing referrals that you’ve had in the past to invite them as your community friends.

Step Four- Our system will automatically count every community friend you have, invited with this invitation URL, as a lead (referral). This means if they later on become clients you will get a percentage of their income as according to our AdSense™ Referral program rules.

How and what you will earn from the program.

Top-level referral

This means you refer someone (Mr. Smith) and he signs up for our program.

You will earn 5% of the income we generate from Mr. Smith and any of the direct that you have referred.

So, for example; if we generate $2000 in a particular account per month, the client gets 15% and you get 5% from what we earn. So, when generating $2000 (15% for the client = $300) and 5% for you = $85 per month.

That’s $85 per month of completely passive income, just for referring someone.

So lets say you refer 5 active clients $85 x 5 = $425 per month.

It’s really that simple.

Second-level referral

This means that your direct referral (Mr. Smith) who signed up, has then referred Mr. Jones who signs up for our program as well.

You will earn 2% of the income we generate from the 2nd level client.

So, for example, if we again generate $2000 in this account, the clients get 15% and you get 2% from what we earn. So, when generating $2000 (15% for the client = $300) and 2% for you = $40 per month.

So, if your referrals refer 25 active clients (or 5 each) $40 x 25 = $1000 per month.

In total, with this example, you could be earning $1425 per month for only recruiting 5 clients each of who recruits 5 clients of their own. It is a simple, and easy way to start earning passive income just by joining our referral program.

If you are planning on joining the team, please Contact us today so we can welcome you to the family.

Payment Terms are monthly and last as long as either the affiliate is a client and/or he/she brings a minimum of one client per month, and only after the clients that the affiliate referred pay us for the services. If tier one clients will not pay for the service (and we cannot collect this amount or equivalent to the due amount) then his or her referrals will be disconnected from the affiliate, and the affiliate will not be untitled for commissions from the non-payer’s tier two referrals.

Learn more about how to become an IncomeTogether super affiliate here.

IncomeTogether Team