Learn how to become an IncomeTogether super affiliate.

The best way to become an IncomeTogether super affiliate is to take the time to learn the program inside out so that you can find as many people as possible who are ready to open a new Google AdSense™ account. This includes those who are new to AdSense™ as well as people with existing AdSense™ accounts that would like to increase their income.

If you enjoy Facebook chats and getting to know new people, this might be the right place for you and on your journey to earn extra money.

There may be more opportunities than you think to find new people ready to sign up for our premium passive income services.

* Do you have a lot of friends on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other social media platforms? Maybe some of them have AdSense™ accounts and you can show them how they can earn passive income, while you continue to earn yourself.

* Do you have an email list? Many of your readers would like to open a Google AdSense™ account

* Do you have the right stuff to stick with a program? If you do and you have the drive and desire to earn more money, then this affiliate program is for you!

The good news is, if you are reading this, then you have taken the first steps to joining our team and are one step closer to becoming an affiliate with IncomeTogether.

What do we do? – We will keep it short and sweet. We have a well-tested (over 12 years) program that dramatically increase AdSense™ earnings.

We do this by building a brand-new website that is linked to our clients AdSense™ account. This site is then promoted at a step-by-step rate and the end results have most of our clients taking home around $200-$700 per month.  This is after IncomeTogether’s service fee (which is ONLY payable once they get paid from Google).

So, what do you do to sign up and what do you get for becoming a super affiliate? –

First thing first, here’s how you sign up and get started.

Register as a member in our Make Money Online Social Network Community here: www.incometogether.com. Signing up is free.

After registering and logging into the account here you can copy your Invitation Link on My account => My Profile => Your invitation link through your account.

We already have many members of affiliates team that like to do things their own way and this is completely fine! We can mold around you and work with you in the following ways:

1 – We can spread the word of the program through your invite URL on Facebook, Twitter and email to friends, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber etc.. and invite everyone in your social network to become your friend on our platform. After they become your friends we will make them an offer to become clients. If your friends become our clients, we will make sure you get the correct commissions accordingly.

2 – Some affiliates like to just send us a Facebook profile and say: “can you please contact him, he has an AdSense™ account and he would like to know more about the program.” We know this happens! And when it does, we update our database so we are noting you are the source that refers this client and you will get the commissions you’ve earned.

3 – Some affiliates like to do all the legwork explaining the whole program and just give us the new clients contact information. This works too!

4 – If you are a professional internet marketer and you have an email list you can just email them those SWIPE EMAILS with your invite URL embed to the text links. When clients sign up through your swipe emails, you will start getting commissions.

5 – If you are website owner, you can also use our banners to promote us. You can find them here, on the banners page. It is a simple and straightforward way to get more clicks and more clients that can help you earn commission.

So, what do you get when someone signs up? – For every new client that you find and that joins you can earn 5% of our share of their income, so if you find 5 people who join that is 5% x 5 people. This is the first-level affiliate commission.

So, for an example – if we generate $2000 in a particular account per month, the client gets 15% and you get 5% from what we earn, $2000 (15% for the client = $300) and 5% for you = $85 per month per client.

2nd level referral earnings happen if the clients you get to join then find new clients who join as well. This is known as a second level referral for you and it allows you to earn an extra 2% on their income.

So, for example – we generate $2000 in this account, the clients get 15% and you get 2% from what we earn, $2000 (15% for the client = $300) and 2% for you = $40 per month per client.

If you wish to discuss any of this further or just have a chat, we are here to talk! Here’s how to reach us:

Skype – IncomeTogether

Or, you can email us any time here.

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DerrickPosted on  6:17 am - Sep 13, 2019

How do you generate money from the new affiliates?
For example $2000 as stated.

Derrick. M

MichaelPosted on  5:56 pm - Sep 17, 2019

Michael by name,
please how do I know if my adsense account has been activated ?

fatumaPosted on  7:36 am - Oct 15, 2019

How to get your money if u have been given as a new

Favour iniestaPosted on  11:36 am - Nov 9, 2019

How will will I receive my payment , through which account? How do I no how much I have earned? Is there any chance of withdrawing your earnings

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