WordPress Services

We provide WordPress Sites design and development packages and custom services.

Choose between different services packages listed below:

Silver Service


every 30 days
  • 12 hours of service per month
  • 2 websites
  • Full website development
  • Web design services
  • Mobile friendly optimized website
  • Enhanced security audits
  • Enhanced loading optimization
  • Deeper reports & suggestions
  • Special priority support
Gold Service


every 30 days

Includes everything from our Silver Service and:

  • 20 hours of service per month
  • 3 websites
  • Periodically scanning for malwares
  • Wordpress plugins updates
  • Backup service
  • Hosting care
  • Daily reports
  • On-request website updates
  • On-request daily site optimization
  • On-request daily private support
Custom Service


Per Hourly
If you don't want to pay monthly, you can choose our custom package and pay by the hour to get the exact services that you need.

Refund Policy Note: All refund request should arrive at email address support@incometogether.com with the subject “Refund Request.” While sending a refund request please make sure you include your email address, full name and order number that you received during purchase confirmation. If any incomplete request are sent to us, you may face delay with your refund process. All refund request will be treated with special care.

You can stop the recurring payments at any time. Just send an email request for that to our same email address support@incometogether.com.