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Finance students have the opportunity to land a $10,000 scholarship

Pay for your financial degree with this $10,000 scholarship Know anything about investing? Then you might have a chance to win a $10,000 scholarship from the Motley Fool As the cost of higher education continues to skyrocket and job prospects remain less than robust in this struggling economy, a...
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South Africa Enters the Competition for the Harvard Fellowship Program

Initiated by President Derek Bok in 1979, the Harvard Fellowship Program represented an answer to all the limitations and disadvantages of how resources were allocated in South Africa back then and the laws protecting them. The program was established, and currently still is, for mid-career professionals whose academic endeavor...
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It’s Time to Make a Change! Find a University Scholarship Now

Universities across the world offer thousands of scholarships for international students, like you, scholarships that can put an end to your financial torments and allow you to focus on what really matters which is education! However, finding a university scholarship in your favorite town requires a lot of research...
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12 Students from Developing Countries Will Receive Scholarships at Hasselt University

Hasselt University is inviting nationals from 31 developing countries to compete in the ICP program 2018 “ROAD SAFETY IN LOW & MIDDLE INCOME COUNTRIES”. 12 students from the following countries – the list of the countries can be accessed here – will be awarded scholarships to obtain an MSc...
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Ghana Development Fund at Coventry University, United Kingdom

Coventry University is pleased to announce the Ghana Development Fund award dedicated to brilliant and talented Ghanaian students whose costs of a Coventry University course in Cedi has significantly increased in the last year. The University fought to dissolve the tangled reality where ambitious Ghanaian students cannot further their...
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Nigeria Development Fund at Coventry University, United Kingdom

The Nigeria Development Fund award was initiated with the intention to reward outstanding Nigerian students whose financial capabilities are limited. Many Nigerian students communicated their concern regarding the real cost in Naira of a course at Coventry University course which has gone up significantly in the last year. The...
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Get creative to win this $4,000 scholarship for college

Getting creative can get you money to pay for your college degree Forget about traditional scholarships, this one will have you get creative to win money for college College is expensive, so the majority of students will need help paying for it. But what if your families are unable...
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Jan-Georg Deutsch Scholarship in African History at St Cross College

Saint College Cross has a consistent surprise for Ph.D. students interested in studying for a DPhil in History research degree on any aspect of Global History or African History from an African perspective. The generous scholarship worth £10,000 per annum is tenable at the University of Oxford in October...
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