Clients Terms and Pricing

The Client express his/her consent to receive marketing and advertising services from us and will approve that we will provide to him/her advertising services and assistance with how to earn money via his/her account.

The Client will understand and agree that as compensation to the Services he/she will immediately pay to us 85% of any income that he/she will receive via his/her account(s) which is generated from the website and/or websites and content created by us.

The Client undertakes that he/she will be solely responsible for all tax returns and payments required to be filled with or made to any pertinent tax or other authority concerning his/her receipt of payments.


Payment and Terms:

Payment is due on the date of the invoice provided by us at the end/beginning of each month.

Payment must be made within a maximum of ten days of the date of the invoice.

He/she acknowledges that he/she gave his/her personal details and his/her account(s) data (the “data”) to us on his/her own free will and he/she agrees that we will storage and handle the data.

He/she agrees not to sue and/or claim against us after this sale transaction.


Refund Policy:

The Client is obliged to pay for the Advertising Services made by us only if the Client gets payment from Google Adsense for those Services, so the refund is actually not needed because if the Client pay us it means that the Client received payment in full, from Google Adsense.



We charge the client with 85% of his Account earnings every month. So, the amount can vary from month to month and from client to client, but this is our basic percentage pricing. There is no other commission that we take for managing and promoting the Account of the Client.